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Thermometer Infra-Red Non Contact

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This handheld IR thermometer offers laser pointer guide and excellent accuracy between -50°C and 580°C. The LCD indicates the measured reading & emissivity value. A new temperature reference mode allows quick verification of ‘within range’ temperatures, indicated by changes in LCD backlight colour (green OK, red HIGH, blue LOW). Simple point and click operation with laser for added accuracy. The sensor provides a 13:1 distance to spot ratio, ideal for most every day applications (see information below about spot ratio). Last reading is automatically held on screen when the trigger is released. Ideal for use in hard to get to or dangerous places, even while equipment is operating eg: measuring turbo, exhaust, bearing, motor, air conditioning temperatures. Also great for food safety. Includes 9V battery.

Please Note: Our thermometer range are not considered medical grade devices. Accuracy ratings are shown in the specifications below.

Why Distance-To-Spot Ratio is an important factor when buying an IR thermometer.

The accuracy of any IR thermometer is determined by the distance-to-spot ratio. This ratio is the size of the are you are measuring as it relates to the distance you are measuring from. In other words, the further you are away from the object the larger the area being measured. If you are measuring a specific spot on a piece of equipment you may need to be quite close to achieve a accurate measurements, depending on the IR thermometer used.

An example of how to use spot ratio follows. If you are measuring a target area of 150mm wide and your IR thermometer has a spot ratio of 8:1, then the maximum distance you can accurately measure temperature is 1.2 metres (ie: 8 x 150mm). Beyond this distance the thermometer will also be measuring the temperature of the area outside your 150mm target radius, which will obviously deliver far less accurate readings.

The biggest factor when shopping for an IR thermometer should be distance-to-spot ratio. In this case a higher number is better than a lower number as it will allow you to take accurate, targeted measurements from a greater distance.

Example distance-to-spot ratios:

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