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STRADL Hose Bracket

Product Information

The Stradl Hose Bracket is an Australian made tool that can assist fire ground operations by  :

  • Easily and effectively removing water from fire hoses, increasing safer fire ground operations OH&S and also reducing wear and tear on expensive PPC / PPE Ensembles.
  • Drag or move Fire Hose without damaging or weakening couplings.
  • The Stradl Hose Bracket also replaces the guy ropes used for the draining and drying of hoses on the horizontal system,
    The guy rope system is a messy and time consuming procedure.
    When using the Stradl Hose Bracket for this process, the procedure becomes simple, fast and efficient.
  • Reduces wear and tear of Fire Hose by using tension, not traditional down force clamping methods.

The Stradl Fire Hose Bracket is simple and easy to use and can be applied to various hose sizes.
Drying of hoses in the fire field overnight can be carried out by using the bracket between two fire tankers.


YouTube Demonstartion Videos

Product Code: FHOSE-SB

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