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Spill Kit HAZCHEM 120L Wheel Bin


Manufacturer: Spill Fix

Product Information

Designed for acids, pesticides, hebicides, chemicals, oil, fuel, water based spills

65-70lt Hazchem transport spill kit

Wheelie Bin Contents :


* 1 x120lt labeled wheelie bin

* 20 x hazchem pads

* 3 x 10kg bag mineral sponge floor sweep

* 2 x yellow disposal bags & ties

* 4 x hazchem mini booms

* 1 x pair chemical resistant goggles

* 1 x pair nitrile chemical

* 1 x dust pan and broom set

* 1 x instruction sheet/reorder guide

* 1 x Material Safety Data Sheet

Product Code: SP-H-120


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