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Product Information

ResQ disc is a simple dependable and inexpensive float on a line that flies like a frisbee.
The 12" diameter disc has 30m of 200kg breaking test yellow, floating line with buuyancy of over 2kg in water to keep even the largest swimmer afloat.
The disc is easy to carry in your truck, boat, car and module and quick to deploy !

ResQ Disc™ is in use today by thousands of government agencies including Firefighters, Police, Border Patrol, US Coast Gaurd and the Military.
The ResQ Disc™ is also designed to be used by anyone, especially recreational boaters and outdoor enthusiasts, who may find themselves in a
situation where a water rescue is needed.  There are currently 350+ documented rescues in the US using the device.

The ResQ Disc™ is designed to fly straight and accurate in high wind conditions allowing you to throw it into the wind and still reach the target.
The US Coast Guard tested the ResQ Disc™ on a 32-foot rescue boat and could throw the ResQ Disc™ 80 feet into a 20-knot wind.
From the time they picked up the ResQ Disc™ from the deck until the time it hit the water averaged 20 seconds.

The disc can also be used in ice rescues, where the victim will place the disc between their legs which then enables them to be hauled up enough to lift themselves
out of the water onto the ice. The Coast Guard recommends it as an additional piece of equipment for boat owners. It fits neatly inside a traditional 30-inch life saving ring.
Shaped like a slightly larger Frisbee, the disc holds approx 30m  of approximately 200kg tested floating line coiled around its perimeter.
The disc has more than 2kg’s of buoyancy in water, just enough to lift the drowning person's head above the water line.

Product Code: RT-RQD


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