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Pelican 3715PL Right Angle Twin Light Torch

$195.00 $180.00

Manufacturer: Pelican

Product Information

Pelican 3715PL LED Right Angle Torch with Downcast LEDs 
Photoluminescent Glow SHROUD PL Model

Pelican leads the way yet again with its new safety approved right angle light.

Featuring 3 x Downcase LEDs for illuminating your path and a huge 174 lumens (high), 95 lumens (low), and a signaling mode LED.
A fantastic feature is the industry 1st built in battery life indicator so you will know you light's battery level before you go in.
Compact, rugged, and lightweight, the 3715 LED light contains the latest technology, Pelican's legendary build quality and lifetime guarantee of excellence.
A large stainless rear mounted belt / hook clip and a Photoluminescent Shroud make the unit stand out even when not on.

The IPX4 water resistance rating on the Pelican 3715 LED 174 Lumen Outdoor Flashlight, means that it can safely perform it's functions in almost any environment.

Features -
Light Source: LED
Light Output: 174 Lumens (High) , 95 Lumens (Low)
Runtime: 4 hours 45 mins (High) , 8 hours 30 mins (Low)
Batteries: 4 AA Alkaline (Not Included)
Length: 5.36" (13.6 cm)
Weight with Batteries: 0.41 kg
Weight without Batteries: 0.31 kg
Voltage: 6 Volts -4 x AA Batteries
Approvals: Class 1 Division 1

Product Code: LT-P-3715


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