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Jacket Bracket - Maxi

$49.95 $45.50

Product Information


Radio communications are a vital part of safe and productive work environments. 
Two way radio comms equipment can be both cumbersome, difficult to carry, mount and handle.

Productivity and safety are both enhanced by the use of the Jacket Bracket® .
The Jacket Bracket puts communication devices right where they can be heard and leaves your hands free to do what they do best. Work.

A unique magnetic attachment system provides an attachment point capable of mounting units up to 2 kg on the Maxi unit and 1 kg on the Mini unit.
Non-penetrating, the Jacket Bracket can be mounted to any garment, removed and relocated with no damage, in seconds.
The inner magnet mount can be kevlar encased, nearly eradicating radiated heat pass through.

You can use them to hold a raido or mic on any magnetic surface, or cage like bobcat, truck or staging areas.



  • Calls are heard instantly - no confusion or repeat messages.
  • Your hands are free and there’s no dangerous lanyards and straps.
  • You work confidently knowing you’ll hear your workmates.
  • Your OH&S issues are minimised.
  • Communications equipment no longer has to be on full volume - save and prolong battery life.
  • Easily removed and repositioned.
  • Australian designed and made. Guaranteed.



Product Code: CE-JB-Maxi


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