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Emergency Bandage - FCP02


Manufacturer: First Care Products

Product Information

Military Trauma & Hemorrhage Control Wound Dressing

Designed for treating larger wounds, the 15cm Military Personal Field Dressing incorporates a number of innovative features for immediate hemorrhage control in the field, on the street and in the home.
As with the entire Emergency Bandage series, the 15cm Military Personal Field Dressing includes the built-in, patented Pressure Applicator, which can apply over 13Kg of pressure directly to a wound.
The Closure Bar, which secures the Wrapping Leader in a simple, fast and familiar movement, can also be used to exert additional pressure over a wound site.
Other unique features include the Stop & Go release, providing controlled application of the bandage without the risk of unravelling, and the Handle Loop, a fold at the end of the Wrapping Leader that maintains placement of the pad and aids proper positioning on the wound site. During self-application, the Handle Loop facilitates correct bandaging – even one-handed.
The bandage is double vacuum packed to ensure its integrity and sterility while tear notches opposite each other on the outer packaging enable easy opening.



Description:                       Military Trauma & Hemorrhage Control Wound Dressing.
Color:                              Green
Pad Dimensions:             15 x 18 cm
Product Description:     15 x 18 cm non-adherent sterile pads connected to a 15 cm x 4.5 m elasticized Wrapping Leader with Handle Loop, Pressure Applicator, Closure Bar and Stop & Go release.
Packaging:                      Double vacuum packed; the outer package features built-in tear notches on both sides of the package for easy opening.
Application:                         Military - Medics/Soldiers, Emergency Medical Services, First Responders, Disaster Preparedness, Homeland Security, Search & Rescue, Law Enforcement, Sports & Outdoors, First-Aid Kits.

Product Code: EB-FCP02


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