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EFlare LS510 - 8 LED Flashing


Manufacturer: eFlare Corp

Product Information

The Eflare LS510 beacon is fitted with a photocell for activation meaning it can be switched on and left on site and the beacon will activate the flash as the daylight diminishes and switch off again as daylight returns. Applications include remote areas of unlit roads to warn on-coming traffic of surface problems.

Category: Eflare Beacons
  • Flashing and Photocell Operation
Light Colours:
  • One Colour
Colours Available (Models):          
  • Red Amber
Number of LEDs:
  • 8
Battery Type:
  • D Cell
Battery Quantity:
  • 2
Battery Life (Hours):
  • 45
  • 200 mm
Weight (with batteries):
  • 450 gm


Product Code: EFLS-510


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